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Postal Chess Log

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    I used to play postal chess a very long time ago. What I am looking for is the old Vinly binder with vinyl pages that have the stick on pieces. I am also looking for the blank pages that you can record your moves on. Unless you have played postal chess in the past, you may not know what this is. I have a use for this item. Anybody out there have one? Anybody know what it was called? Maybe I can Google it.




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    The Canadian postal chess league sells the Post-a-log version, which is what I used to get from USCF.  USCF might still stock them, too, but all their sales are handled by an outside company now (although you can still access through their catalog and site), so I'm not sure if an old item like that is still available.

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    I believe it is or was called a postal chess recorder album.

    Which should help you try to find one, havent seen one for a while, they tend to be chess postcards now i think.

    I think you mean these about 6 items down http://www.skakhuset.com/products.asp?id=122

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    I e-mailed the Canadian Association. Waiting for a response. They have the exact item. Thanks for everyone's help. I'll keep looking

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    I was wondering what else people that play correspondence chess use to keep track of their moves? Any ideas?


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