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    Here is a collection of puzzles to solve.Ther are five of them and I hope you enjoy and learn something. Click on the move list after you solve it to see some other variations or annotations.

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    These are awesome puzzles. Thanks for sharing

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    Great puzzles! I loved working on them. Thanks for sharing!

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    Isn't your fourth puzzle cooked?

    There is a second solution in 1. Qxg5+! after which 1. ... Bg6 is not a valid defense because of 2. Qxf6 and mate on g7; while the answer 1. ... Bxg5 gets mated as before by 2. Rxg5+ Bg6 3. Ne7+ Qxe7 4. Rxc8+ and mate next move.

    Am I missing something?

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    oh sorry, i solved these puzzles myself. did;nt see that.

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