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Queen sac, was it good?

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    very interesting, thought black was better but it took several views to see how trapped black really is...

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    on the one hand i go like damn if already 1700 see thngs i do not see i never be good in chess on the other hand, man didnt white have a totally winning position anyway? why risk everything with a complicated line

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    White had a clear edge, yes. Risking was aybe not the soundest way to win, but the only forced way. And the most fun. It's impossible to calculate all the lines, in a game, it took the computer around 1 hour to change the evaluation from -6 to +6. And the computer excels at tactical chess.

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    but anyhow i would have thought 1700 wouldnt be able to play such sacrifices, at least not sound.

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    Depends on the day, I am 1700 online with 60 games going, a bit stonger when it is OTB and a single game, and I love to try sacrifices so every now and again I am bound to find a solid one ;)

    and yes in a serious game I would be less likely to play the queen sac since I was already winning, but chess is about having fun, so sometimes you have to through it all on the line

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    MichaelPorcelli wrote:
    Atomic_Rift wrote:
    MichaelPorcelli wrote:
    LoekBergman wrote:

    What about 5 ... Rf6: 6. ef6: e5?

    thats what we decided on last night as the easiest way to survive


    as in it simplifies the position with black up in material even after giving up the rook since white loses his key attacking knight

    Oh, ok.

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    ViktorHNielsen wrote:

    Okay, while analysing this again, I found out that white does not accept the drawn ending. He accepts the black king!


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    I like this queen sacrifice. Analysis on page 2!

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    Rxf6, (takes the knight) and black is better.


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