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Rare Chess Books and magazines for sale by aww-rats

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    These books and magazines had been in storage for years and I used them to assist my correspondence play back in the 1980s and 1990s. For those aspiring to be great chess players they will provide invaluable resources and many hours of entertainment. Most of these, you simply won't find anywhere. Many German and Russian chess books...


    All prices are postpaid to USA, priority mail used on all orders over $10. Outside of USA postage is extra, and costly. I will advise.


    First come, first served on these....message me what you wish to purchase and I'll reserve them for you. 


    Every purchase of $50 and I'll throw in 1 hour of lessons....So $200 purchased get you 4 hours of lessons, an $80 value.


    Payment by Paypal to my email address aww.rats1@yahoo.com

    Thanks for your time and consideration.



    APCT News Bulletin

    Chess organization in United States with the most talented players. Excellent articles featuring annotated games of America's best postal chess players. April 1988 to summer 1999 six issues per year. Retail price $3.50 per issue. Post paid $60.

    Europe Echecs

     French chess magazine 1985. Articles of the world of chess. Retail price $30. Post paid $10.


    Northwest chess

    Chess publication of the Pacific Northwest. November 1979 to November 1982 retail price $36. postpaid $15.



    Chess Life and Review November 1972. Cover autographed by grandmaster Walter Browne. $5 postpaid.

    Inside Chess GM Seirawan’s publication, 1987 to 1992, inquire when available,



    MCO (Modern Chess Openings), 11th edition 1972. A collection of all opening variations. Post paid $8.


    World Chess Festival, St. Johns Canada 1988. Book is all the tournament bulletins republished. Thousands of master games. Retail $16 post paid $8

    German Language by Max Euwe. 2 books, NimzoIndian and Open games like King’s gambit. Both for $8 Postpaid

    German Language Averbakh on the endgame. $5 postpaid.

    ECO (Encyclopedia of Chess Openings) A V $10 postpaid

    ECO (Encyclopedia of Chess Openings) D III $10 postpaid

    ECO (Encyclopedia of Chess Openings)E IV $10 postpaid

    Correspondence Chess Yearbook. Volume 2 to 4. $10 each or all three for $25 postpaid. Hundreds of ICC master class games in each volume. Chess Informant style.



    Correspondence Chess, Hanon Russell. Fantastic collection of correspondence games of historical importance. $10 postpaid

    Tournament Chess. Volume 22, 27. Collection of master tournament games around the world. Retail $18. Postpaid $8 each or $15 for both.

     English opening by Mark Taimanov. German language. $13 retail, $8 postpaid.

    NimzoIndian 4. e3, Nimzovitch, Huebner and Taimanov variations, Pritchett. Retail $16, postpaid $8

    French defense Tarrasch variation, Keene. $15 retail, $8 postpaid


    The Anglo -- Soviet radio chess match 1945. Klein and Winter. First edition, 1947. English language deeply annotated. Collector’s item $20 postpaid

    How to play the From Gambit, by Schiller. $8 postpaid

    The chess competitor’s handbook. Kazic. Rules and regulations of tournaments. $5 postpaid.

    How to play the Reti, by Schiller. $5 postpaid

    Queen’s Indian defense by GM Yefim Geller. Batsford. $8 postpaid.




    Russian Language books: 

    Sicilian Defense, Sveshnikov variation, written  by Sveshnikov! Russian Language $20 postpaid.

    Chess openings encyclopedia. Russian version of modern chess openings. Cyrillic alphabet used for names and openings. Figurine algebraic. $10 postpaid.

    Russian correspondence chess. Russian language. $5 postpaid..

    Alexander Konstanopolski. Russian language game collection $5 postpaid.

    Mikhail Chigorin by Yudovich. Games and photographs. Russian language. $10 postpaid.

    Middlegame, Suetin. Russian language $8 postpaid

    English Opening by Bagirov, Russian language. $10 postpaid

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    Alekhine’s Defense Bagirov, Russian language. $10 postpaid

    Username on chess.com Seraphimity

    would you except an old fashion postal money order?

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    Seraphimity wrote:

    Alekhine’s Defense Bagirov, Russian language. $10 postpaid

    Username on chess.com Seraphimity

    would you except an old fashion postal money order?

    sold and removed from list, see your message inbox. Thanks!

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    Excellent! and my thanks for putting these up.  

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    Seraphimity wrote:

    Excellent! and my thanks for putting these up.  

    you're welcome. get them now folks, I am going to find buyers for all by the weekend, probably Sunday at latest.

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    The folllowing items are sold and removed from the list above:



    The Chess Correspondent. 

    Published by CCLA America's oldest postal chess organization.

    October 1986 until summer 2003, six issues per year. Contains many articles and annotated top-level correspondence chess games. Retail price approximately $172. Postpaid $60.


    Fernshach International

    February 1989 to summer 1997. 11 issues per year Official magazine of ICCF. Articles in English and German featuring annotated games of the world's best postal chess players. Retail price $300. Postpaid $80.



    Newspaper: Player’s Chess News, Once the leading and most current collection of games and articles by GM Christiansem IM Silman, etc, 30 issues from 1980s, $5 postpaid, 


    New in Chess Key Book. Opening Encyclopedia featuring thousands of master games sorted by openings. Retail price hardcover $40. Post paid $15.

    New in Chess Annuals hardcover volume 1 to 5, 9. Retail price for all $150. Postpaid $60.


    Charousek’s Games of Chess, Sergeant. $6 postpaid.



    Blackburne’s Chess Games. By Graham. $5 postpaid


    Predicament in two dimensions, a chess players thinking. Dr. Ariel Mengarinie. $7Retail, $5 postpaid.


    Border wars: 3rd North American correspondence chess championship. (USA, Canada) Jean Hebert. $5 postpaid.

    Viktors Pupols, American master,  by Larry Parr. Introduction by GM Seirawan. Autographed by Pupols. Life story and games. Includes his win over Bobby Fischer. $6 postpaid





    Russian Language books: 


    Peter Romanovski. Russian language game collection $5 postpaid.

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    Sold, and removed from the list: 


    Cheron endgame series, all four volumes. German language. Comprehensive work of all endgame positions. One of the world's best ending series. Retail $150. Post paid $60.


    USA vs. USSR radio match 1945. Russian  Language First edition, full of photos. Collector’s item! $30 Postpaid,


    Chess philately. For fun. Collection of chess stamps and postmarks the world over. Russian language. $3 postpaid.


    Kasparov versus Korchnoi,  the London contest. 1983 candidates match. $8 postpaid

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    cool username by the way. sorry for thread hijacking

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    what's thread-hijacking?

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    Think it was intended for u HM1

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    HurricaneMichael1 wrote:

    If you don't mind it would be easier to see if you just made a new list of things for sale.

    I do, each time I updated what sold, I remove those items from the initial post and leave you with a current list at the top. I even state I do this each update.


    Meanwhile, these have sold:


    Latvian Gambit by Kon Grivainis. Collection of games. Retail price $15. Postpaid $8. Nimzoindian Leningrad variation. Batsford. Postpaid $8. Blackmar Diemer Gambit, Schiller, $5 postpaid


    Blackmar Diemer Gambit, Schiller, $5 postpaid.

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    HurricaneMichael1 wrote:
    TetsuoShima wrote:

    cool username by the way. sorry for thread hijacking

    Who? Me (IMO awesome, but it IS my user name so it should be awesome to me)? aww-rats (no offense aww-rats but IMO your user name is pretty lame)? Or Seraphimity(don't know enough about it to know or care either way)?

    well, aww-rats is a common expression used by many, and 99,99% disagree with you. also, you are further proof most people don't read threads. I already do exactly what you say I should do. See my post above.

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    Aww-rats is a nifty name. :-)

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    A 1972 edition of MCO? lol  That reminds me of a time I saw in a bookstore an old opening book that they gave a premium price to because it was "out of print." Laughing

    The Charousek and Blackburne books sounded good to me anyway.  Also Konstan(tin)opolski and the Chigorin by Yudovich...and the Suetin (I've always wondered how you pronounce his name btw).

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    the following have sold and are removed from the list.


    Computer Chess II. 1984 100s of annotated games by chess programs of amateur strength against amateur players. Retail price $15 postpaid $8.


    Player’s Chess News Annual #2, #4 and 5. Reprints from news paper, many articles by IM Silman, GM, Christiansen, etc. $15 each postpaid. All three for $40.


    International Championship Chess, by Kazic, 1974. A complete record of FIDE events.  $10 postpaid

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    Crazychessplaya wrote:


    Wow.  So maybe someday he could release an album (sorry, CD) called Suetin to the OldiesLaughing


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