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First Rated OTB Tournament

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    Im a beginner at chess and recently joined a chess club to become better. I'm not a very good player compared to most in the club. They are having a 10 minute tourny with no delay. However, On chess.com I'm terrible at this time setting and I know I wouldn't win many games (if any)

    So onto my question. Because I dont yet have a USCF rating, should I go and play and risk starting my chess rating lower or wait for other opportunities with better time control (15|10 or 30).

    I hope I'm not the only one dealing with this type of problem. Thanks for reading and leave suggestions.

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    All games under 30 (G/29 and below) count towards a USCF quick rating. Everything else is a standard rating. So playing in a G/10 is a diff. rating system altogether (and less indicative of your skill than the standard ratings)

    Nevertheless, this whole "risk starting your chess career at a lower rating" thing is a bit silly.

    If you play enough games, your "paper" rating will follow your true rating strength.  If you are good and grow fast, your rating will shoot up from 1000 to the sky. If you are not that good, you can start at 1100 and be stuck there for years !!

    Make no assumptions about how weak or strong you are and just play! :)

    The only reasons  for ever holding back (that I can think of) from playing your 1st tournament for "rating reasons" is 

    a) You've played before in another federation and know where you stand


    b) The tournament venue is only filled with people who are 400+ points lower than your current playing strength (you have more to lose than to win by competing)


    c) You are taking advantage of the 1st 20-25 games where your  rating is provisional WHERE you will see greater rating jumps/falls with each win/loss.  

    I know kids/parents/coaches who game this policy by making sure the kid is 1400+ playing strength before starting his first tournament so that he decimates a U1200 section and starts at a lofty 1300-1400+ rating within 5-10 games.

    Though in reality, getting an early boost is a short-term warm-fuzzy if you are committed to playing regular tourney chess. You're going to get the rating you are capable of getting  ...eventually :)

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     ECF and FIDE:

    15 min = blitz

    30 min = rapid

    more than 30 min = standard



    I would not even want to have a rating on blitz. I just don't like blitz, so I couldn't care less about playing a rated tournament with that time control.

    I'm gonna play some rapid tournament next month, that should be fun.


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