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Rating 2000

  • #221

    In duplicate bridge one can get better by recognizing his mistakes and learning how to correct his mistakes. [and then trying hard not to continue making the same mistakes.

    Same for chess.

  • #222
    You need to be about 1900 to be a strong player
  • #223

    they say that nice guys finish last

    does that mean that Fischer and Carlsen are mean people?

  • #224

    It's called Glicko because it was devised by Mark Glickman

  • #225

    1200 Cadet (Inititiate)- Beginner

    1500 Novice (Apprentice)- Below Average

    1800 Bookworm (Expert)- Average

    2000 Legitimate Club Player (Strong Expert)- Above Average

    2300 Veteran (Master)- Good

    2500 Pro (Grand Master)- Great

    2800 Top Pro (Super Grand Master)- Excellent

  • #226

    1000 You know how the pieces move!

    1200 Not bad.

    1400 Nerd

    1600 Nerrrrrrrrrrd



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