Rating moves


Got a question for the community here. Is there any software out there that takes a game, analyses it and attaches ratings/strength to individual moves. If anyone knows of such a tool or if anyone knows about literature that proposes an algorithm for implementation of the above idea, then please let me know.

Cheers to all of you



Very interesting question.

I don't know if any software currently does such a thing ... though a classification system for "types of chess moves" with corr. rating range of people who would find them would be a fun thing to design.

Something along the lines of 

- Only move moves Rating : 0

- Only move to avoid mate : 800

- Trivial recaptures : 800

- Seeing Single Motif (en prise) tactical shot : 1000

- Preventing single motif tactical shot : 1200


and so forth.

It gets tougher to judge positionally good moves that indicate creativity/planning as engines can't assess things in an "expert system" like manner. You're better off with a massive database of collected test positions rated based on a wide sample of testers. (Novices to Masters).

Some chess test books (like Khelmnitsky's Chess Rating Exam) did something like this in a minimized scale.