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    It occurs to me that rating adjustment should be applied according to one's rating at the start of the game, not at the end. Certainly the rating adjustment should be applied to the current rating, but the calculation of what that adjustment should be must surely use the figures at the start of the game?

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    I was also wondering about this, but I don't know. It seems unfair if you start out playing a very strong opponent and beat him, but your rating does not change much, because your opponent's rating fell during the game

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    How about one 1600 chess.com player who had a 100 or so games going,when his vacation ran out so did he. As the games were 3day a move points depended on when u played your last move.U can start out against an opponent 200 points above your level,put forth a great effort over a few months time and draw....meanwhile he has lost many games during those few months and your draw gives him a point or two !

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    i think that rating adjustment is applied at the beginning of the game.  If you click on the Details tab to the right of the game board, then click on Rated - show ratings adjustment, it will show you what you gain or lose for a win, a draw, or a loss.  I don't think that changes during the course of the game even if your opponent's rating rises or falls due to wins or loses in other games.

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    yes, pfskye, I think you're right

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    No, pfskye, I think you're wrong.

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    I haven't paid attention to changes in my opponents' ratings during a game, and whether that affected the win/lose/draw points.  Have you?

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    The suggestion does not account for growth in skill level during the game.

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    Logically, to me, the ratings at the beginning of the match hold through the match, along with the win/lose/draw points, whether one competitor wins, loses, or draws another match during the same time period.  The match in question, seems to me, should be discrete--stand alone--until finished.

    Someone should ask the Administrator.

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    The ratings are figured at the time of the result, not when the game begins.  It has always been that way in correspondence chess. 

    Games are rated in the order they finish, and using the ratings of the players at the time of the finish.


    No one is required to like it, but the ratings rules probably won't be changed because some people don't like it.

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    Yes, the rating change is applied based on the most up-to-date rating, which is the rating when the game ends. I think this makes a lot of sense. To do it any other way is to ignore additional information.

    Then there is the issue of "best win". The way it was when I last checked, the best win value is used after the result. So if I beat a 2650, but as a result of me beating him he is now a 2635, then my best win is "2635". I think that is not right. If I play OTB a player who is 2650 and I win, I go tell people that I beat a 2650.


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