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Recommendations on how to use the Analyze feature?

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    Most of the time it's clear when I lose through either my careless moves or my opponent outplays me.  

    In a small fraction of losses I try to use the Analyze feature for two categories.  Games I lose when I expect victory and must accept defeat is one group.  The other group those is when I become overwhelmed right from the start.

    I go over the lost games with the Analyze feature, but it only shows what happened.  There is no explanation.  Can anyone help in these cases.  What should look for, other than noting the obvious faults?

    I looked at samples of the Mentor feature, but right now it's a bit overwhelming.  I do plan to use Mentor in the future.

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    I think what you want to use is the Computer Analysis feature. The Analyze button allows you to analyze the game yourself. I use it in online games where I have days to move. It allows me to move the pieces around and see what I think about different lines. 

    The Computer Analysis button will give you an analysis of the game. You have a certain number of games allowed per month, depending on how much you paid.

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    Thanks latvianlover.

    Isn't what you refer to as Computer Analysis the same as Chess Mentor?

    I tried to use different moves as you describe in the Analyze feature.  I don't get much use out of it.  That's probably because I don't have enough experience.

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    chess mentor is the "course" on chess.com

    The computer analysis is what you do to your games when you finish and it shows you mistakes and other moves and such. My suggestion is to go through it with a stronger player and they can explain why the computer is suggesting what it does. I would be happy to help

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    Thanks for the tip and your generous offer to help, Michael Porcelli.

    I'll have to look over the Analyze feature again, to see what I missed.  Probably tomorrow.

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    sounds like a plan

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    I suggest 1. a3! as your new oppening.  Probably not wise, but it'll provided an interesting change!

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    1a3 is Anderrsen's Opening. I tried it once, thinking that I could play Sicilian Najdorf against 1 . . . e5, and Benko Gambit versus 1 . . .d5, both of which involve an early a6 by Black. I figured when it came time to play a3, I already played it. So I've gained a move. Surely I must have advantage. So, of course my opponent played 1 . . .Nf6. I was so stunned that my plans had been destroyed, that I lost the game.

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    At this time 1 a3 is too much to think about.  I am still at the stage of overcoming problems with development and pawn structure.  i know what to  do, but my opponent is sometimes uncooperative!

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    Your own analysis is what's important for now. You can compare it with chess.com's game analysis of your completed games to make sure you didn't overlook winning moves, losing moves, simple combos, not so simple combos, back rank mates etc. Don't depend on some pile of over-rated junk (like chess.com's computer) to do all your thinking for you. 

    The Chess Mentor is awesome if you can afford a diamond membership. You could go diamond for one month and see if it's worth it or not to you. The Tactics Trainer is also good and there are many many articles here for beginners and all other levels of players who want to improve their game.

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    Thanks for your helpful comments and recommendations.

    I haven't made much use of the computer analysis, because I have so many basic things to improve.  My current concentration is daily Tactics Trainer, which I find helpful and I can understand the objective. 

    I plan to upgrade to Diamond when I can at least stay at 1400 for one week.  At that point I will continue to stay with TT supplemented by computer analysis and mentor.  Then I will gradually do some other study available on chess.com.  

    I play at least one game per day on Online Live Standard here and also play daily on other sites.

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    TS, he's trying to show the difference between two different things.

    The Analyze button lets you move pieces on the board to help you visualize possible continuations.

    Computer Analysis analyzes the game, but it can only be done on completed games.

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    I love the analyze feature (button). I use it in probably every cc game. Pizzapier, if you're not in a rush to move, click on it and you can go through any possible moves you can think of. It may help you see that your opponent could mate you in 5 moves, or, vice versa.

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    Thanks for the good advice.  I occasionally use the analyze feature for some games I lose that bother me.  I usually find some rookie mistake.  On some games I win and don't know how I did it, an analysis is employed.

    Right now my present schedule of chess study, mainly games and Tactics Trainer, is enough to maintain without getting frustrated.


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