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Red crown mark on chess pieces

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    I've seen vintage/antique Jaques & Son of London chessmen fetch big money on Ebay. These pieces seem to be identified by the makers name on the king but also a red crown stamp on the castle and knight pieces. I've seen some sets which do have the red crown mark but no makers name on the king base. Does this mean they are made by another maker? - and if so what is the significance of the red crown stamp? Sometimes the red crown stamp is only on one knight and one castle - does that mean the other knight and castle are from a different set? Are all Jaques chess sets marked with their name on the King?

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    The crowns are for kingside pieces, to disambiguate descriptive notation--both recording and playing over.

    Other makers would give the crown too, if they wished.

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    I believe all of the old Jaques sets bore the Jaques stamp, with some rare exceptions. After c.  1890 both kings were getting the stamp.

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