Relationship between Chess rating and I.Q?

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    i saw on a show on discovery i think, it's a show about new science and how it interacts in our world.  On this show they found that genius level thinkers brains work differently.  In a CAT Scan average peoples brains neurons fire throughout the entire brain more spaced out so it takes longer for the connections to meet each other.  In genius's brains their neurons fire primarily in their prefrontal cortex, which means their connections are much closer, which means they can get to their solutions much faster.  The scientist said an average person could never be above a ranking of 1950.  One piece of good news is Einstein said, "if you have an IQ over 100, say 120 you could give the 20 away and still be smart enough to do what you want in life."  an average person has an IQ of 95 to 135.  Genius level IQ is 140 or higher

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