Rensch and Pruess Leaving?

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    I thought the April 1st article on Rensch and Pruess being fired was a simple April "fools" joke (not really very funny). Are they truly leaving? Why?

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     Rensch and Pruess are leaving!!!???????

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    Rensch said he was fired on the Big Show today.

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    lol. not true :) they are clowns. they are the pillars of!

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    Sounds like just more April foolishness to me.  Just because Danny Rensch didn't say "Hey, just kidding" doesn't mean he wasn't.

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    Its a shame the joke was carried on so long, it loses its impact and humor and becomes bad taste. The way Danny was in Big show today was not hes normal self, it really was like he had been fired. If he was liek this for April first then fine, but to carry it on 3 days I think is wrong. I think I need to be consulted next year on April fools jokes as they have been very poor and easy to detect each time lol. Less is more! Dont forget that! April fools jokes should be more about fun and enjoyment for everyone! Something like one of the staff has won lottery or something and everyone on is getting free holiday lol. ;)

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    I really hope that this is an April Fool's joke. I would be very mad to see either IM Pruess or IM Rensch leave Oh, and if this is a joke, it ain't funny no more.

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    No its more believable when its not something so drastic and huge. Only complete morons would of actually believed it ;)

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    So, has it been confirmed that they are leaving?

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    It's very very funny and I wish I had heard about it before some humorless people started whinging about it.

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    RyanGarner wrote:

    So, has it been confirmed that they are leaving?

    For crying out loud, read post #4.

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    Oh, sorry, didn't see it :)

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    I wish they'd stop hiding posts.

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    They took the midnight train going anywhere.

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    I like the videos from Daniel Rensch and Aretha Franklin you tube videos 

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    Is that who I think it is ?

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    So it wasn't April Fool's after all.

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    SilentKnighte5 wrote:

    So it wasn't April Fool's after all.

    Only Mr. P left.


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