Resigning is not an ethical issue.

StormCentre3 wrote:

Personally - I don’t believe a word of the above statement about the intended trolling. The toxicity on display throughout is typical of the OP and friends. The OP could have blocked or warned such behavior - but it was encouraged and endorsed.

Think about what you're saying here and about the amount of time that you have invested in this tread.  If what you're saying is true, then it's obvious by now that you wouldn't know what trolling is even if it jumped up and bit you in the keister.  Either that or you're a glutton for being trolled.  

And who are these "toxic" friends that you're talking about? 

StormCentre3 wrote:

You are highly misguided. Players may “play as they please” one time perhaps- but certain behaviors will face certain sanctions/penalties if they violate ToS. 
What is not understood here? You seem to suggest some “right” exists to play in any manner of choosing.

Policy states minors can play - as long as guidelines are followed and parental supervision/ responsibilities are met. Obviously- with all the poor sportsmanship seen… the policy is a joke. CC is to blame by looking the other way - apparently advertising revenues take on a higher priority.

I don’t recommend Psychology as a field to enter for you.

Who cares? It's not like the can monitor everyone on the site. A minor can lie about their age and if their parents are supervising them. Hell, how do we even know you aren't some pretentious 12 year old?  All i'm saying is does not have the funds to enforce all their rules.