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Sad case of high school chess cheating

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    An easy solution is to allow players to look at their opponent's scoresheet/machine on the said player's turn.This already happens around where i live because kids mess up notation alot

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    at 16 he is not a little boy. excuse me, but in many countries he would already be sent to war. In past times he could have already been married. 


    His mom is a Helicopter mom raising a nitwit and a loser for a son. If he really is a little boy she should bend him over her lap and spank his sorry butt for being such a doofus. Sorry, I get so tired of parents defending their overgrown kids that really should just face the consequences of their poor choices so they can learn to do differently next time. 


    I would encourage him to consider a career in politics though, given his (ahem) talent! happy.png 

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    Pencil and paper only
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    Wow only just noticed this thread. Amazingly stupid that uscf allowed electronic move recording apps.

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    << So folks at the USCF are now trying to determine exactly how Smiley cheated, and how often. The answers could affect not only the severity of his punishment, but the future of computers in competitive chess. >>

    I had a LONG talk with a {former} USCF VP ... about 10-15 years ago. (I had heard that they were going to start allowing electronic devices to record chess games.) The conversation ended with something like the following: "A.J. ... the people who manufacture these things GUARANTEE they will be tamperproof." (My emphasis.) To which I responded: "It is only a matter of time before some whiz kid figures out how to rig one of these things to tap into a program or link to the Internet." (USCF VP) "Oh A.J. ... that is just you being paranoid!"

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    Anyone who cheats suffers more eventually, so who gives a monkeys. Electronics should be banned to save people from themselves. 


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