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    how do i houdini 1.5 to it? thanks

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    If you are using Linux and want decent chess software then you are out of luck. In my opinion SCID and PyChess are light years behind any Windows software in every single way from ease of use, functionality and the GUI just stinks.

    The way i get around this is just install VirtualBox and run Windows from my Linux host like this. If you have a computer that supports vitualisation (something built in the last 2-3 years with a decent processor) don't bother with the junk chess software that's out there for Linux.

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    I use Ubuntu + Wine + Chessbase 9 and it works perfectly. No virtualization required!

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    Another possibility I don't see mentioned in this discussion and others (maybe because it sucks) is to enable  "multi boot up" (correct term?) in Windows, which even back to XP supports up to 4 different OSs to choose from when you boot up. This way you can still run Windows software in windows if it won't work at all or correctly under Linux and use Linux for everything else.  At least that's what I'm going to try doing in my next PC

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    You should be able to build ChessX for Linux. It has a pretty nice user interface.

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    pfren wrote:

    ChessX is fine software, with great potential,greatly improved the last couple of years. Handling online teblebases is an extra bonus.

    But it still needs a dedicated database format (SQL based?) rather than plaintext/pgn, since pgn databases can get huge.  you got that right!

    I tried converting my CB BIG DB (5.5 million games) from the CB format (.cbv) to pgn (so it would work in SCID) and got about  2.5 million games converted, then it encountered one error and stopped. I've retried several times but unlike NORMAL programs (like backup software for example) the @#&*&^%$?!! CB 9 cannot skip errors, it has to shut down at the first error encountered.

    ANYWAYS, 2.5 million games in pgn format takes up about 2 GB, (1000 GB = 1 TB) so I don't see this as a problem with todays HDs, my 3 TB external HD was about $130 or so, you can get 1 TB HDs for about $80 USD (in the US that is)

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    pfren wrote:

    You must split the CB database according to some criteria (e.g. ECO codes), and import all parts one after another, converting them to SCID format.

    Thanks I'll give it a try however so far I tried skipping up to 1,000 games past the initial error with no luck. What I was doing (up to a point) was having CB9 convert my BIG DB from cbv format to pgn format.

     I'll let you know if this works or not, I'm very interested in checking SCID out IF I can load it with an exact copy of my CB DB

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    pfren wrote:

    Arena + Houdini 1.5 work perfectly under WINE, no performance handicap at all. You have to use the 32-bit version of Houdini, as the 64-bit WINE is quite crappy.

    Older versions of Chessbase (up to ver.10/ CB Premium 2009) also work, with some glitches. The newer CB versions with the ribbon UI have some serious issues.






    ok  ive tried ARENA and it does look better but one problem is that when i do get the PGN file and i click analyse it doesnt show the value of the moves ? how can i fix this thanks and i use windows not linux


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