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What angers me is that I don't recall it being announced in Chess.Com news and these concerns are not being addressed.

CC could mount a reasonable argument if it was talking about high-raters only but the same rule applies to an 800 rater. RIDICULOUS to the extreme. Consider this a signature!

BTW, could somebody please forward this to Eric so that he can see the names being added?





sougataghosh wrote:
LawrenceT2 wrote:

I know why they didn't "fix" this. The staff did this because a lot of people won, then closed their account, the game wouldn't go through the cheating detection. Score! The club gets more points! I heard this exactly from @erik

Everyone's ignoring the answer smh

So the clubs are being penalised  because their members have the good grace and courtesy to wait for the member to finish his games before closing his account. Laughable!!