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**Silman or Pandolfini Endgames?**

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    For my first endgame book should I get Pandolfini's then Silman's when I'm done, or does Silman already cover everything Pandolfini does and more?

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    i don't know about the pandolfini but I have the Silman and I like it

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    Silman is MUCH better. Of course, neither compare to Dvoretsky, but that is a different matter entirely.

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    Does Silman include everything Pandolfini does?

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    Silman's content seemed presentable, and digestible, see reviews here



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    I have learned much from both books. Pandolofini has more content. And demonstrates the idea of "critical squares" better.

    Silman has better set-up. White always attacking, black always defending. which makes it much less confusing than Pandolofini. (Where white always succeeds, no matter what.) So Silman makes it easier to discern where the line lies between the win and the draw.

    Also, Silman has larger print, and fewer typos. (Pandolofinis book is horrific for that.)

    But Pandolofini is about half the price. As great as Silmans book is, it is still a $30 purchase. that's a bitter pill to swallow.

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    I ordered my brand new copy of Silman"s Endgame Course here for $17 plus shipping. I don't know if there is an extra fee for shipping internationally.

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