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Slipping mouse or faulty script?

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    Hello Chess.com !

    It started happening to me that when I want to move a piece, for example a Bishop, across a diagonal in Live chess it almost always drops before reaching the final square. It happens with all the pieces, of course. I didn't notice my mouse to cancel the click or anything outside the live chess interface, so what could be the problem? I am losing games because of this.

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    play with submit button, however for blitz I can't find a solution.

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    How do I enable the submit button?

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    are you by chance, playing on a wacom intuos graphics pad? The mouse on mine is terrible and a single click opens up three new tabs in my internet browser. Regardless, if your mouse is screwy, don't play live chess, instead, play online chess or get a different mouse.

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    The problem is not with my mouse. Why would I buy a different mouse to play chess? I have my Razer Naga for gaming on a Goliathus mousepad. I can drag icons on my desktop for hours and they don't drop a single time. I want to play live chess because it's the only chess I enjoy.

    Anybody kind enough to tell me how to enable the submit move button?

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    somewhere in options

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    Well I can't find it.. that's why I'm insisting here.

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    Many problems arise in live chess via the mouse.Pressure can result in pieces on wrong squares, moving pieces w/ hand pressure near edge of board and pieces can disappear. 1st. contact staff. 2. hot topic forum...u will get valid ideas. Hope things work out.......

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    Home - account - Online Chess Settings and scroll down a bit.

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    You don't have to drag pieces. You can just click on them and then click on the square you want them to move to.


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