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so many retards

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    You insulted everyone who doesn't rematch. Now you're getting some attacks in return and you're immediately back to crying.


    Is crying all you ever do?

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    There is no obligation to accept a rematch and if a member wants to play only one game then that is ok.  However making personal attacks is against TOS and may lead this topic to be locked.  So be friendly and have fun  

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    But if I beat you very easily, or it was...well...just a boring game, even though I won, I might feel I might get a better game.

    Or, if I was 200 rating points above you, won, and you asked for a rematch, I wouldn't particularly want to beat the other player again.
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    And sometimes I just... Can't be bothered to play. I have won, and am happy to leave on a high, and go do something else.
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    Pyotrvich wrote:

    I felt myself becoming progressively more retarded for every word in your poorly written word salad.


    There's a hundred good reasons not to accept a rematch, simply not wanting to play you again is a more than good enough reason.


    Your opponents don't know you and you don't know them. They queued up for one game. You are a delusional narcissist if you think that a complete stranger "owes" you their time because they beat you and now you need to win one as well to repair your ego. 


    You big baby.



    HAHA! grin.pngwink.pngtongue.png

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    ProfessorPownall wrote:

    I'm thinking of starting a club. No retards allowed. The forums are full of non-intellectuals telling us kids what we can or can not do. Our members will only discuss non-serious issues. We accept all rematch requests up to 100 consecutive games. We never close chat. Feel free to discuss any nonsense during our games. We are honorable, never worry and behave like the real chess players of yesterday year.

    I'm thinking of calling it The DSBS for short.

    The Dumb Spoiled Brat Society

    HA! You guys are hilarious!

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    OMG guys, chill. You're going to make him rage-quit Chess.

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    Sunnyboya wrote:

    OMG guys, chill. You're going to make him rage-quit Chess.


    Nah, unlikely. People like him live in a fantasy land where they never question their own opinions. He already believes he's being wrongfully attacked for speaking the truth or something.


    Everything we post just further reinforces his opinion. It's fun to call him out, but ultimately unproductive.


    Self-delusion is very potent.

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    This topic is being locked for a Breach of TOS - Taurusmale67

This forum topic has been locked

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