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special women s prizes. borderline stupidity ??

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    Scottrf wrote:

    They aren't tax free of course.

    noooo!, they are the financial support of the UK


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    Chepesiuk wrote:
    bigpoison wrote:

    Queen? Head of state?


    This sure is some bizarre thread?

    Yes you do understand the term "Head of State"?  Why are there so many uneducated louts on this site?

    We leave it to you to educate us dumb folk.

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    Czervik you always come at trailing end of all good fightsLaughing

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    soothsayer8 wrote:

    Women make how many dollars an hour less than men? It's like 42.8K vs. 34.7K a year in the U.S. So that's not fair either. Incentives like this will bring more women to the game, too.

    You're forgetting the most important part, though! WHY DO YOU CARE?? Are these prize winnings coming out of your wallet? No? Then quit whining! Let those funding and running these tournaments do what they want with their investments.

    I like how all ignorant feminists think average salary is a clear indication of the earnings distribution. Please put down your pitchfork and go study some statistics.

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    While shopping for a magnetic chess set before Xmas, I asked a female staff member where I might find one. She told me to look in the boys' toy section. They didn't have any.

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    Bet they had cool radio-controlled trucks, helicopters and stuff.

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    If I ever become a top GM I'm going to voice this


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