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speed chess

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    Just played a lightning game with a fellow... 10 minutes it was supposed to be. I was 12 points ahead and obliterating my oponent who seemed to be just throwing pieces away. less then 5 minutes in to the game a message came up saying I had lost on time.

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    Clearly I dont understand the rules of Speed Chess. How does this work ?

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    What I want to know is what are the conitions for winning ?? I thought the game had10 minutes... and the clock showed 5:36 left.

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    Well, computer lags may be partially the cause as to why the time does not appear to run probably.


    You can view your game archive to see how much time you took on each move. You took slightly more than 5 minutes out of your allotted 10 minutes to complete the first 8 moves.

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    So... I get ten minute to checkmate the opponent ?? I was 12 points ahead when it stopped.

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    Ten minutes for the whole game, not per move, just as you would for taking national examinations. Thus, if you take 2 minutes for the first move, you have 8 minutes for the time left after the first move; if you take 3 minutes for the second move, you have 5 minutes of time left after the second move; if you take 1 minute for the third move. you have 4 minutes left after the third move, and so on. Therefore, if your first move takes 9 min 59 sec, good luck winning the rest of the game.


    After 20. Bxc3 you had 6.9 seconds left (out of the 10 minutes) - you may verify it here https://www.chess.com/live/game/2421519113?username=ricbrekne - and you did not complete move 21 in time. Under the laws of chess, the rules state that if a player runs out of time, and the opponent has mating material left (this includes one lone pawn), the player whose time runs out loses the game. This is irregardless of the material situation on the board (other than the case I described above), so this applies even if White has one king and three queens and Black has one king and one pawn; if White runs out of time, Black wins the game. Of course, if you are able to land a checkmate with at least 0.1 second remaining, you will win by checkmate.


    In future, you may wish consider playing faster - perhaps taking an average 5 to 10 seconds per move and no more than 30 seconds per move unless deep calculations justify the need to expend a lot of time.

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    Thank you Eric0022 for the detailed explanation of the rules for this form of Chess. I understand now.

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    Additionally, look at your clock (always watch your clock in fast games).  Noticed your opponent only used 4 mins., 3 secs. (hi clock says 5:57). but you used your entire 10 mins. (your clock says 0:00).   Blitz and lightning chess (what you call speed chess) are often decided on time. The shorter the time control, the greater role time plays as a factor. 



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