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Srupid Riddle

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    I am walking down the street, when I get run over by a car. I get up, and I walk away. I go to the beach, where I slip over the cliffs edge. I fall and hit the rocks at the bottom. I get up, and I walk away. Then I get caught in the waves, and I drown. I wash up on the shore, and walk away. I trip and crack my head open on a rock. I get up, and I walk away. 

     Then I go into the forest for a walk. I get attacked and mauled by a bear. Then I get up, and I walk away. I leave the woods and cross the street. A big truck crushes me. I get up, and I walk away. 

      I eat some old food, it makes me sick and I vomit out my intestines. Then I get up, and I walk away. I am seen by a man on his lawn, and he shoots me in the head. I get up, and I walk away. 

     Then I get trampled by another car, and I die. What am I?

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    Can I say?

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    No, wait for everyone else to try, you already got it.

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    Nope. I'm pretty sure cabbages can't walk.

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    then what?

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    is the answer?

  • #11

    I'll wait for more answers then I'll say

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    I can't wait I'm impatient sad.png

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     I made this one up, so searching it won't do any good. tongue.png

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    nobody else is guessing.

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    It's batman

  • #16

    You are a cat

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    RookSacrifice wrote:

    You are a cat

    I'm a dawg.

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    I think you got it Rook....nine lives

  • #19

    Yes it is a cat as on the 9th life, the cat dies. Also, Fen likes cats and her profile picture is a cat so you are probably... no.... DEFINITELY correct.

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    Fen, you like cats right? I just assumed you did because of your profile picture happy.png


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