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Super Admin

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    What does it mean to be a super admin? Like what are the rules and responsibilitys because I'm thinking about starting a chess.com group but I wanna know what I'm getting into.

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    You have to wear a cape and fight crime.

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    Johnny,being a superadmin for your own group is as hard and time consuming as you wish to make it.Your main responsibilities are,in my opinion,to create enough team matches,mix them up e.g. thematic,standard,open,limited ratings,etc,and try to make your group as interesting as you can.Most of all make sure that there is no strong foul language used,no sexual or racial discrimination by or to your members.You are the person who is held responsible for everything that goes wrong and you'll find that you get very few thanks,but so what,I still love doing it.You and YOU alone are the TOTAL master of your group and YOU decide what happens within your group,Chess.com only get involved in extremely serious cases or if you contact them.

    So my advice,go for it,mate,create your very own group and I'll always be here to help you in any way that I can.GOOD LUCK,MATESmile.

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    Thanks Mike! I'm going to think about it a little longer, but If I make my own group I'll DEFINATLEY invite you and let you know :)

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    You got it,Johnny,mate!Wink

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    You have to wear a cap and pump gas.

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    Do the other members get a discount?

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    Actually, it's a title given only to the greatest administrators.  It means you're now eligible for the Red Tape Hall of Fame.

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    Hmm, greatest. Does that involve a shiny cap?

  • #10

    It is rather pointy.

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    With a little ball on top. You'll look like a bishop chess piece!

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    It is rather pointy.

    Well, it has to fit the heads, eh?


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    i hope u invite me to ur group

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    I heard it involves sacrifices. Human sacrifices. 

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    If anyone is interested in joining, it's called "Chess Dominance," and is open to anyone.

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    Do you have to submit reports to Chess.com staff?

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    LCT10 wrote:

    Do you have to submit reports to Chess.com staff?

    no dat was a sarcrastic reply...


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