Tactics +2000 but blitz bellow 1500

My ten cents is : when you are solving tatical puzzles you know there are tactics to be solved but in real games maybe you are not being able to spot the critical moments when tactics are really there to be solved.

slavista27 wrote:

It is said that chess is 99% tactics. That if you want to reach 2000 the fastest way is to master tactics. That games under 2000 rating are usually decided because of the tactics..

I have reached 2000 elo in tactics on chess.com and I just even did 10 correct puzzles in a row. But my blitz and rapid rating is still below 1500. Either I somehow cannot utilize my tactics skills during my games or what they say about importance of tactics at this level is not true at all.

Yes, chess is 99 percent tactics, but mastering tactics is not the fastest way. I mean we need to master all tactics and be good to find combinations(A.K.A tactical sequences), though mastering chess strategy plus tactics in all phases of the game (opening to middlegame) is more okay. Solving positional puzzles, creativity puzzles, endgame studies, and even watching games of world champions also do good, but before solving puzzles, we need to study more in chess as lack of knowledge, understanding, intuition, and good calculation is very bad for a player. Without chess strategy, there would be fewer or even no tactics in this game of chess (explanation: chess is a strategic game too. Example: How do you fork your opponent if you don't have a plan for it? Even though if we play unsound to fork our opponent, strategy is still there (more specifically, unsound chess strategy)).


Hey guys, I have tried to find some good defensive tactics but I didnt find any. I have checked Aagaard´s Attack and defence which was proposed here, but those tactics seems to be quite difficult ones. I think I need something like Tactics time which offers plenty of rather easy tactics. It has helped me a lot, but they are just about 5 defensive puzzles among 996 offensive ones. 


This is example of I am looking for. Something rather easy to improve my pattern recognition and tactical awareness rather than something where I need to calculate for several minutes one puzzle


No, at my current situation I need to do as many easy tactics as I can. Ideally about 30seconds per each. I do at least 50 per day and repeat the same puzzles after some period of time. This is how I learn. There is no point in solving 15minutes puzzles If I fail to notice two moves tactics in my games.


I do that with Tactics time! I think that this should be main part of tactics training of anyone under 2000. Many people make mistake of trying too solve too difficult puzzles. I think that one of the main principles of chess is to master the basics. That is why I think it is neccessary to do again and again the basics until you know them by hearth. 


I did improve on offensive tactics really much in last few months and that is why I am searching for easy deffensive tactics, because I know there is big room for improvement. If there existed something like Tactics time! but only defensive puzzles, that would be awesome


Slavista27 ,you can do tactic trainer unrated and customized ,there you areable to select the ratingrange and also the theme , so you can do defense tactics at a certain rating range 

oh thank you! I didnt realize I can do that. This is really helpful

Well i gues you have high CPU and very small RAM


Well i gues you have high CPU and very small RAM

My tactics rating is also more than 500 points over my blitz rating.