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Tactics Rating

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    Cherub_Enjel wrote:

    [...] I got a 2800 tactic that was really really easy, got +18 and then some 2200-2300s tactics that were much harder and lengthier. No clue what's going on lol. 


    I've noticed several seemingly under- or overrated tactics these past few weeks, too...though i haven't publicly fussed about it because i hadn't seen anyone else mentioning it, and i just figured (correctly in most cases, i'm sure) that i was being an overly hasty dumbass in most of those instances anyway, and that my haphazard way of learning and studying here over the past year was most to blame.

    But, yeah, i've seen problems rated at 800 that seem way more difficult than some rated at 1300.

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    It is very possible you are getting some kind of bug. I know my rating has increased 100 points after the changes yesterday and is closer to where it was just after the beta change. I'll have to do tactics more consistently to see if the swings for me are more related to mind state or not; however, when I miss tactics, I can almost always pinpoint the problem being my thought process at the time.

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    I had originally planned on renewing my subscription here, year after year after year, all because of the supposedly superior tactics trainer offered on this site. But I don't know what I'll do now, as that other site is free, and I can always play free chess games on chess.com. It's just so demoralizing. That's why I originally lobbied for the ability to hide the rating number like you can do with the timer. I think it would help me focus on the tactics instead of the rating.

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    I'm not asking them to change everything to suit me, but it would be nice to hide that number.


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