Tactics Rating vs Live Chess Rating


Hi, I'm wondering if there is usually a disparity between your rating on tactics trainer and your rating in live chess? I used to have a rating of around 1000 in both live chess and tactics trainer, I also used to not use tactics trainer much. But after reading that getting better at tactics is the quickest way for a player with a low rating to improve, I began to solve tactics on chesstempo.com. I solved as many as I could for 15 minutes a day. My play did start to drastically improve, and I also started using tactics trainer on here everyday (3 free). My rating in tactics trainer right now is sitting at around 1600, but I can't seem to get my live chess rating higher than around 1400, even though I've also started to study positional strategies alongside tactics. Is it normal for your tactics trainer rating to be substantially higher than your actual game play rating? If it matters, I play 15|10.


My tactics rating is 2400 - live blitz goes around 2000, more or less, and standard, though I didn't play many games, it's in the 1800 area... 


My tactics trainer rating is around 1900-2000, my Chess.com blitz rating is 1500-1600, Chess.com Online rating is 1600-1650 right now. I think it is normal for your tactics rating to be higher, even substantially higher, than your actual playing ratings.


Tactics trainer rating is definately higher than live rating and maybe even OTB rating. In tactics trainer, you know there is a tactic, thus you go look for it but in a real game, you don't know if there is a tactic in the position. I am around 1900-2100 in Tactics but around 1200 OTB and 1400 live blitz (10 min each).

However, tactics is the way to improve your general chess play, since before I started tactics trainer extensively, my live rating was around 1200.


Interestingly, when you look at the stats TT/performance/players and arrange by attempts, there are plenty of people who have done MASSIVE amount of tactics, 70, 000 tactics, 2000 hours of tactics etc, and have below average ratings. How can that be? Surely that amount of tactical study has to get someone a rating above 1000 for example. Just doesn't make sense to me.


Has anyone gotten answer to this question.???


There's more to chess than tactics.


the TT ratings has changed drastically over the past few years...so it is difficult to compare. However the TT rating is probably higher than live and online rating....