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    Two hours ago the organization of the Tata Steel 2014 tournament has announced the line-up for next years tournament: (10-27th january)

    Aronian (2795)
    Caruana (2779)
    Nakamura (2783)
    Gelfand (2765)
    Karjakin (2762)
    Dominguez (2753)
    Giri (2749)
    Naiditsch (2724)
    So (2704)
    Van Wely (2693)
    Rapport (2676)

    The average rating is 2744. Unfortunately the organizers had to cut in costs. Normally there are three GM groups, now there will only be two. Normally there's 14 players per group, this year there will be 12.

    Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand have both been asked to play, but declined. They wanted to rest after their upcoming World Championship match. Tata 2014 will take place a month and a half after that match.

    What do you guys think on this tournament and these developments? 

  • #2

    Interesting that there's no Kramnik either, really leaves the field open. If Aronian really wants to prove that he's worth 2800, he should really aim to do well here. Of course, it is a little early yet to pick a winner.

    Shame there's only 2 groups and less players this time.

  • #3

    I forgot to mention, they only announced 11 out of the 12 players :) That means there is one slot still open. Will it be Kramnik, Topalov, Morozevich, Ivanchuk? Anybody else? or a lower-rated player?

  • #4

    ok so there is an option for a lower rated player .... may they'll give me a chance Wink

  • #5

    I think Karjakin will win this.

  • #6

    Please not Ivanchuk, not that I hate the guy, but he keeps losing on time and mucking up the situation. Morozevich or Topalov would be cool. Just not Peter Leko, either Wink

  • #7

    Kramnik, Kramnik, Kramnik! :)

  • #8

    There are some rumours that Carlsen will actually decide to play, even though it is only a couple months after his match with Vishy.  I hope that the 12th player is not some random Dutch player or some mid-2600 guy, but someone like Kramnik, Grischuk, Topalov, Svidler, Vachier-Lagrave, Morozevich, or Kamsky.

  • #9

    Where are those rumours? I'm pretty sure that if Carlsen were to play, it would've been announced. (he brings in a lot of money so announce it as early as possible) It's also known that he declined so it seems very unlikely.

    Though, if it were true, it would be great!

  • #10

    Slightly underwhelming field, my pick to win is Caruana. He will feel hungry after missing out on the Candidates narrowly, and has looked like he will be #2 the upcoming years.

  • #11

    Wang Hao.

  • #12

    Go Wesley So.

  • #13

    Booo, no Carlsen or Kramnik :(

    Other than that it looks like a solid field. Hopefully the reason for not deciding on the final spot is that Magnus/Vlad told them that they're still unsure and will decide soon.

    If the 12th is a mediocre Dutch GM then it'll likely be between Aronian, Caruana and Nakamura. I'll be cheering for Giri to push through to the world top-10, but I don't expect it just yet.

  • #14

    Pentala Harikrishna

  • #15

    Lol, everybody seems upset at no Carlsen or Kramnik. But nobody cares that Anand is not there. He's still the WC, right?

  • #16

    Anand Who?

  • #17
    Anand may still be the WC but the last five years his tournament results have been so indifferent that it is often claimed that he isn't interested in winning them, if he played few would expect a top result from him anyway, while the expectations are much higher on Carlsen and Kramnik so that's probably why they are more missed. Even if Kramnik rarely did well in Wijk (shared first once, in 1998) while Anand does have many great results in the tournament, mainly long ago though (five wins, the first in 1989). The last years this has generally been Carlsen's and Aronian's event, with three wins each.

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