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Team USA needs You!

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    If you fly the American flag, know that the Team USA needs... You! Whether you are brilliant or not, whether you plan to play for the team or not, you are still welcomed into a very fun and engaging team. You can view photoalbums and create yours (nothing too extravagant though, remember we have under 18 kids); you can engage in conversations with other members and cheer in support of the team. Lots of cool stuff to explore and a good team to be part of! See you here! 


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    Welcome, Segway! We're glad to have you! It takes some time before the admins process your request but that shouldn't be a problem. 

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    I'm new to chess.com....I'm around 1800~ uscf rating, lol just came back from highschool nationals in san diego :)

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    @Kasparov_Jr. You're welcome to sign up, sir! You don't have to play or do anything. Just being part of the team, just being one for the team is a good start. Later, you may find some interest representing the USA in matches against other countries. And as far as your rating goes - I think you're a good player and will do well! So click the link, sign up, and best of luck to you. See you there!

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    Come on, guys! So many of us are from the US! We need more people for the Team USA!

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    What happened, Olieus? I thought you were signing up, buddy. We do need more people. More people, more fun! Everybody, regardless of their rating and perspective, has something unique to contribute. So, let's unite in the Team USA!

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    We should do a Team France vs Team USA

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    I joined, and look forward to representing my adopted country (I was born in Cuba).

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    @ Serotonine, I'm not an Admin of my team but I'm sure it can be done.

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    btw I think your USA flag banner with the silver letters and it looking like it's waving in the wind is really nice, plusses to its designer

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    SerotonineAgreed. Feel free to change your flag and join Team USA! Laughing Laughing Laughing Joke.

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    TurboFishGlad to see a strong player like you in our Team. I am sure you will do well. Best of luck to you, teammate!


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