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Tell Me Why You Aren't a Premium Member

  • #221

    The dog will still win.

  • #222

    I am a PM,!

  • #223
    TMIMITW wrote:

    The dog will still win.

    Well yeah he's a good looking dog, the bitc*es love him!

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    singlezero wrote:
    George1st wrote:

    Anyone know of any technologies that can enable or enhance chickens to lay eggs?

    Just don't know what I could be doing wrong?



    What do you call a rooster that lays eggs?




  • #225

    Dog possibly? Have you seen an Australian Chicken?

    Not to bad on the eye, if your that type of guy.

    We don't eat them here, they're like our sacred animal. (Aussie, religeous thing), no biggy.

  • #226

    Its a free country ?

  • #227

    why pay for something you don't want anyway?

  • #228
    sftac wrote:
    RyanGarner wrote:
    ivandh wrote:

    By spamming people's threads?

    I'm not spaming, just asking. This is only the second forum I've posted it in, and I don't play to post it in any more.

    You mean, you've done this twice?  Shame!


    Just in the fourms that some of my friends are in.

  • #229

    Sounds pheasant...oops, I mean pleasant.

  • #230

    And that means?

  • #231

    Pheasants refer to some members of the Phasianinae (Horsfield, 1821) subfamily of Phasianidae in the order Galliformes.

  • #232

    I know what pheasants are, just his sentence didn't make sence.

  • #233

    3d generation! (no 4th)

  • #234

    Because I dont have a title :D

  • #235

    Pheasants can't afford membership.

  • #236

    You can be a free member. I'm upgrading though.

  • #237
    RyanGarner wrote:

    And that means?

    Means that Pheasants are not Chickens.

  • #238
    chrisr2212 wrote:


    feel free to make yourself comfortable here, dahling

    Niceee : )

  • #239

    inappropriate image deleted

  • #240

    I didn't know Dom DeLuise was Satan...


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