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Tell Me Why You Aren't a Premium Member

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    I am not a premium member because I am kind of in the same boat as that sitcom "Two Broke Girls"...

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    singlezero wrote:

    inappropriate image deleted


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    not paying no way for membership

  • #244

    Premium member child abuse...quick call 911!

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    A Christmas Carol gets weird:

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    A Christmas Carol gets weird:


    wow that is bizzare !

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    okay wtf

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    This thread was an enjoyable read.

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    premium members take life too seriously ,I think they believe chess is more than a game and scoff at beer drinking and chess.

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    Premium members like to drive sport cars, surround themselves with very attractive women, drink champagne over beer, and only work three days a week, the rest is spend on chess! lolo just kidding!

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    What's the difference between a premium member and a non payer?

    E's respect

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    You get ads removed, unlimited run-your-mouth acess on live chess, and you can do tactics trainer all you want. And, you get a cute little icon by your name.  :)

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    The thing that most people seem to enjoy though is being able to complain about all the freeloaders.

    There's also complaining about chess.com services, and complaining about freeloaders who complain about chess.com services, and complaining in general.

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    Thieves crept in on the night of April 17th, and took my diamond away.

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    I'm thinking of heading to Burger King and get a crown.

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    spinfidelety wrote:

    Check out my shiny new turnip 


    Just need a job now.

    NOT TO BE OFFENCIVE BUT... your photo seems like it got photo shopped. real badly. contuine working on your skills! :D

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    RyanGarner wrote:
    ivandh wrote:

    By spamming people's threads?

    I'm not spaming, just asking. This is only the second forum I've posted it in, and I don't play to post it in any more.

    Ryan... you have FREAKING 1 k plus of points!!! HOW IS THAT SPAMMING??? YOU TELL ME!!!!

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    No, it's not because of that. I'm in 20 different groups, and there are daily forums, I'm also the admin of 8 of them, so I'm kind of obligated to input in them.

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    Never felt the need of it! I have got a good mentor in my family, i get good practice by playing online, I can watch chess videos by going to youtube, i kinda dont even look at the ads, all I want is to play chess...and i am getting it here!


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