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Tell Me Why You Aren't a Premium Member

  • #401

    Every time I log on I see three more friends have "unfriended" me. I didn't know I used to have so many. 

  • #402

    Lol, yes that's 90 friends leaving evey months, wow!

  • #403

    I finally punched on to see what the heck that thing was about.  Sure glad I did that.

  • #404

    Tell us more Andy!

  • #405
    winerkleiner wrote:

    Tell us more Andy!

    did she  put up a fight?


  • #406

    I was told that I could find out who had unfriended me! (dirty scum).

  • #407

    Let me guess-you can if you pay.

  • #408

    I hope all those that have unfriended me are the Nigerians that have millions for me if I send them money.

  • #409

    I honestly have no idea. If you know, please pass the info on to me. Thanx : )

  • #410

    Okay, how about these "Woman Is 53 But Looks 27" ads?

  • #411

    And is everybody else getting these blue underlines on words in posts taking them to other links?

  • #412

    I haven't, and that doesn't sound good.

  • #413

    Sounds like malware/adware -- that's a common signature of it.

  • #414

    Tried Premium (Diamond, no less -- hang around long enough and the site's likely to throw a free trial at you, without your even providing your name and credit card number), but didn't like it.  (too many features, took up too much of my time).  The free version is amply occupying.


  • #415

    I just reminded myself to go to Amy's wedding. Smile  In fact, my PC clicked on it for me...

  • #416
    pellik wrote:
    ivan1997 wrote:

    I am not a premium member because I am only 14 and i can`t pay for myself :(

    Sorry to hear that. If it's any consolation I can almost gauarantee you that given enough time being 14 will seem better.

    Man, perfect hindsight.  I would say exactly that, given what I know and do today.  However, it's too late, which I can't do anything about...  Don't rush through your childhood.  Take your time getting there.

  • #417
    AndyClifton wrote:

    I just reminded myself to go to Amy's wedding.   In fact, my PC clicked on it for me...

    It's October. Time to take your brain medicine, Andy.

  • #418

    It never seemed to help before...

  • #419

    I tried to find this thread before, but it looks like I would be doing the Gold membership if I decide to do this, based on the amount of time I have.  The reason I won't do the higher ones is because of the videos and live TV not being captioned.


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