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The agony of waiting

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        After six years in the military the concept of hurry up and wait was understood but the live tourneys have been in play for eight months and still no leaderboard.

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    Nine months now

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    Ten months

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    The roadmap listed above states the leaderboard is  coming but doesn't explain extreme time delay.

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    Eleven months

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    This is unreal,

    Erik issued a message one year ago on 11/12/2011 about the live tournament status sheet and leaderboard,

    It still isn't here 

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    Not much agony, I'm afraid. But a leaderboard would be nice.

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    Eighteen months

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    I hope he doesn't run out of numbers.

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    I hope he doesn't run out of numbers.


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    I don't get it ... isn't that the Live Chess leaderboard: ?


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    Sure looks like it...

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    No it isn't, look at tournaments in your main listing and will find multi-day only, Erik said we would have similar for live with live leaderboard but still don't have it, that is only listing of live players but not for past tourneys you have played and positions obtained. Presently have 297 tourney trophies but no idea what they are because there are no available stats and pictures stop at 99.

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    Due to management attitude concerning live tournament status sheet I no longer play live.  3/04/2014

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    Completed november 2016


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