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The best article writer.

  • #1

    Personally I like Serper.

    Always I read again and again of him. The Typical Patterns series.I read again and again.I also like Silman and Natalia.

  • #2

    My own personal preference is for Iryna Zenyuk (aka Energia) ... although Natalia Pogonina has written some very nice stuff that I liked.  But I've read many more articles by Zenyuk than Pogonina, and if this were a survey situation, my vote would go to Zenyuk.

  • #3

    Silman for me, he writes in a really engaging fashion.

  • #4

    I enjoy batgirl and NimzoRoy.

  • #5

    Guess it depends on what you're looking for. I really appreciate batgirl for her historic perspective and I also like the analysis of her own games she posts. NimzoRoy has always excellent chess knowledge to dispense and seems to be a nice dude.


    The professional article writers on this site keep all a certain standard.

  • #6

    Bryan Smith, without a doubt.


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