The E4D5 of Life


does anyone feel that our performance on chess is actually related to our real performance in life. if we are losing games then we need to take caution about things happening around us and be more vigilant . if we are winning games then we should have mercy on opponents in real life aswell. how much of game time we set depends on our current pace of mind to absorb incoming data from people around us. resignations exhibiting careless life. feel free to express your views dear friends. 


Good evening.

And it isn't good for me.

I don't know about you, but I think I need to say: my love story has ended. Yesterday I has a dialog... and I was asked to make it last of them, telling the main part. It wasn't said like wroten, but I can't understand it in another way. Did you pray? I should say "Thanks" to you, of course. But it is no result - good result.

Of course, if it was God opinion, that we needed to get no, we must say yes. And I said you that as for me love is posibility to hear "No". I will not begin conflikt with Diana or Kate, and I will try to make everything peacefully. But you should know that now my life isn't something good. And my friends have they problemes... And I don't want pray something. I see bad experiense...

Thanks for information. I have lost my game.


1 Corinthians 13:7 ~ love never gives up. 

1 John 4:18 ~ Perfect love expels all fear. 

have faith in God, His timing is perfect. kindly be patient. things will definitely work out for you my friend. we have to remain positive in the process. I will keepprayin till you finally give me the good news. trust God, He will workout beautifully in your life if you keep affirming trust in the process. sending you a flying hug. hope Diana and Kate will understand what is in your heart. much love. peace.  


Could they?

Aktually, you are always try to see something good? I can't translate what they think about me. But it is worse than you can imagine.

Thanks you for help and praying. I don't know who right. I know only one: love actually never give up. Until it's die.


Goodness is the method to bring them closer to you. God loves people who do good. you really dont have to worry about what your little kitten think about you. she loves you but probably she may also having some ups and downs right now in her life. let her deal with those things first, eventually she will realise how much love you have for her in your heart dear buddy, because our God will make her realise that. also you do not need to trouble your heart and worry about this situation because it is God who is in control of everything. God is right, everyone else is wrong. Love God first ( Matthew 6:33 ) and everything will fall into place. draw closer to God and He will come closer to you. ( James 4:8 ). give Him a chance to play with you. then you will checkmate everyone in life with Gods Grace. Neither does love give up, never does it die. it stays forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr happy.png 


You are wrong. Want you to hear this or not. You are wrong. In this situation. You didn't read what they think about me.

I know you think that God will help me. Why you know he didn't two days ago?..


@LevMel, what they think about you is not important. what you think about yourself is more important. you are the one who is living inside your body all these years so know one knows you better than yourself. if I tell you that youre angry, that doesnt make you an angry person. if I tell you that you are mad, that doesnt make you mad. the world will keep on throwing different words at you, it is your heart that has to learn to filter the incoming verbal attacks and process things accordingly to create a positive conscious mind. staying optimistic is helpful at this moment. Pray to God and He will help you a thousand times more than I can. He resides inside you so block the noise coming from the outside world outside and you will be able to listen to Him. kindly feel free to ventilate your agony so that your heart can resume throbbing at the normal speed and recover from the plans that didnt happen at your time ( they will happen but at Gods time, in His way, for His glory. ) @gf3, hi buddy. you're being too modest brother. anyhow, thank you for your kind words. have a blessed day. ( and a pastry ).  


You didn't understand me, it's trouble. I will try to explain.

You are right, I will not be mad only if you say me this. But we don't speaking about me when we speaking about Diana. (Really?) Her opinion and her wants playing big role. It's not only my life and I must remember it. You should too. Maybe while you are praying God for our love she prays Him move me in India ))) Could we know? I don't want to ask, actually, I heard enough. But I can just understand her want. She wants to be alone, or just want me to don't contacn with her. I diturb her. Why I should ignor it?


God only listens to prayers which are with good intentions. tomorrow if I pray to God to create fight between 2 people, then God knows that my intention was wrong so He wont fulfil that demand. But if I pray that God bring the love back in Levmel's life so that he can take his love out for a movie, eat popcorn, and ice-cream, then God will listen to me. but God will tell me that wait, let that girl be healed in her heart first, then God will heal her by suddenly making a puppy appear in her neighbourhood, God will send her cookies, then at His timing, God will bring Levmel and Kate/Diana together so that they can have cute little children who can come to play to India and play with uncle sid and aunty Apoorva. then uncle sid gives them Christmas gifts and everyone becomes happy on dinner table and all pray together to God and eat good food that Heavenly Father Yahweh provides. then Levmel gift a small teddy bear to Diana/Kate on their 25th marriage anniversary. and everyone lives happily ever after. then everyone plays with God, birds chirping in sky, all animals living in harmony and God blesses us all forever and ever. happy.png 


What mean "good"? Everything is good for one and bad for other.

For example. Your good love story is simething that I want to forget.


what is good ? feeding sparrows or fighting with our siblings ? helping a disabled person or laughing at old people ? raising a baby peacock or throwing stones at dogs ? feeding water to a thirsty cow or using abusive language in company of friends ? trying to understand the heart of a girl with patience or easily move on and find new partner ? playing with lion cubs or not finishing homework ? forgiving people or bullying young kids ? watching Netflix or joining a mob on the streets ? what is good is universally good and what is bad is universally bad. Kindly Pray to Jesus, He will teach you everything and be a very good friend too. He loves you. 


Everything good for somebody and bad for somebody.

You think that all people do like we should do and only me don't. Reality says that nobody do like you want. I will not understand something or find new partner. I will wait and only wait. But for what? I don't know.

Of course, all of us should do better and then we all will feel better. I really tried to and I heared something like "get away". Should I repeat this? I don't want to begin a conflict...

I don't need something teach me everything. I know what we should do and I know that nobody do it. And I will not usually. I don't want have problems.

"If you are white and cute you will be used to clean somebodyes feet".  People said.

And please stop telling me about God. I don't know about India but in Russia our religion is moneytaking organization. I really hate it... but we can't change something.


Jesus be with you. have a blessed time. peace. 

No. Chess absolutely has no resemblance to life. Some people who have compared chess to life in the past were saying something that is stupid.

-You have more move options in life than in chess.
-life is full of known unknown variables
-it’s also full of unknown unknown variables
-there is no win or lose condition
-life is not a zero sum game

And I am sure many more characteristics that are present in life but not in chess.

If anything, then Poker or any chance based card game is more similar to life