The On Vacation Option

How long can a player be 'on vacation' for? There's a game that I haven't been able to play for over a month now and it's really annoying.

They can be on vacation until they run out of time. As of right now, your opponent has 3 weeks of vacation time left and will gain a few more days over the next month.

Vacation time is annoying. This site needs an option to set up games where vacation time is not allowed.
That's right
If not you can just abort or resign if it's unrated
Or just have patience and wait :)

Some may use vacation time for vacation or illness, etc. and may according-to-rules and ethically use up a lot of time.  I had a shoulder operation on June 22 - I took NO vacation time then, then went to the Caribbean and Florida for 9 days and took that time, Aug 12-20 for vacation.  But if the shoulder surgery hadn't progressed so well, I might have used more of the vacation time I had from June 22 - Aug. 20.  It's there, it's legal to use, so I don't begrudge anyone of taking all the time they have available unless they're in a lost position.


LethalRook_1892 wrote:

That's right

LethalRook_1892 wrote: That's right


After a week on vacation, ther should be an option for the remaining player to abort the game altogether without affecting the score ratings