The weight of the chess pieces.

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    I have a set that I bought from wholesale chess dot com called the executive set. 3 7/8" king, which weighs 45g, and I forget the weight on the whole set. I went back to check it out, but they have remodeled the whole site, and it doesn't say what the set's weight is any more. (It used to.) Any way, the set is heavy. It is plenty heavy enough for blitz. I like the combo which came with the board and caryall bag. One rook and one knight came with the weights not flush, and one phone call later, and replacements were on their way free of shipping charges, and I am super happy with it. $24.99

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    everything that you can pick up easily and doesn't flop around works well. However Id get something that is on the heavier side. It gives you more exercise while playing chess :)

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