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    Hi! Its me again, happyface456 telling you readers about time in games here on chess.com or anywhere. The key to winning Bullet(1min) games is that you focus on not only your moves-but your time.If you have 12.0 seconds left and your opponent still has 50.0- it is because of one of these two reasons: He is focusing on both-time and his moves or he has enabled pre-move (to enable pre-move go to settings and enable it. pre-move is helpful because you can plan many moves if you have barely any time left. Using pre-move i have won some games 60.0 to 0.0 or I have saved myself by winning them .01 to 0.0(I'm Serious-I am not lying). Those are two things that will help you in bullet games.Cool

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    yup, premove is pretty helpful, that's how i get to over 2200 on 1 mintue games but under 1700 on 5 minute games....

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    second commenter gets a trophy! wuzhe did already

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    i make the board very small so i can see all the board very fast

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    interesting idea, but is there a higher chance of mouse slip because small difference would be big?


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