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    varelse1 wrote:
    Elubas wrote:

    Indeed. Also it's worth pointing out that nobody was even close to doing what Kasparov did with the ratings once he left; he left a big hole in the world of professional chess, a clear number one quitting while he was ahead. Carlsen has filled that hole.

    Now that I think about it, I could name ONE other player who quit like that......

    Was back in the 70's, I believe.......


    The difference, of course, being that Kasparov had spent five years chasing a rematch with Kramnik, in the interim playing in and winning virtually every major tournament, and demonstrating against the best of the younger generation that he was still the world's dominant player.

    Fischer, in contrast, refused to put his title on the line, even outside of FIDE auspices, or even to play a single serious tournament game for twenty years and then would only meet his former antagonist Spassky, then well past his competitive years.

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    Yes, that is quite a difference.

    Then there was Morphy. Pretty sure he was #1 his last game as well.

    Would his case be closer to a Bobby, or a Garry?

    (P.S. I actually bet 5 pounds on Spassky in the rematch.)

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    OK OK OK I admit that Mr.Carlsen is not the worst player ever. Happy now ?

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    Daniel Kings YouTube Chess Channel.

    Might not be for everyone but I like his presentation. Negatively he has an obsession with bishops and likes to sidetrack off into cunning traps that never happened (nor were likely to). That said, I suscribed to him during the World Championship match and have never regretted it. I think my chess has improved too, also like his Najdorf series though not enough to give up my beloved Kan.

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