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Too Many Teams!

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    I was wondering how many other people are part of too many teams? I am part of about 30 teams and am declaring that the first 5 teams to post a note on my profile I will stay on, and the rest, I will quit. I am going to stop joining teams! Is anyone else feeling this way like me?  

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    I hope Chubbys 4 Corner is one you going to keep .Teams keep inviting me I have enough right now .Need to know why you want on team not just join . 

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    Then post for Chubbys 4 Corner!

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    Yep I only join if they really want me to join and they message me. Only taking 4 teams actually.

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    I cull mine every so often and remove teams I'm not very active in. I only join new ones if an admin sends me a personalized message that contains somthing to show how the group would mean something to me.

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    Hmm ok then I already sweared to stay on team 54 fighting.

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    No, the ones I respond to are few and far between and are definitely not automated.

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    Hmm ok what about when they just give you a regular invite?

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    I delete it without really looking at it.

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    ok thanks for the insight/advice.

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    Happy to have been of some help. Smile

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    okinaoly, i will stay :) rejected all the groups i don't really remember.. 

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    Good to hear , open match started and how is your tournament coming .

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    still in registration

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    I suggest only being on teams that use opening lines in your repertoire.

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    I've seen a ladies biker team.

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