two rooks or a queen?

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    If you were playing a game of chess against an opponent aruond the same number of points than you. No pieces remained, but whatever peice(s) you chose, your opponent wuold get the other(s), what would you rather have: two rooks or a queen?

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    Two rooks will pwn a queen on an open board... King position will be important but as long as the side with the queen doesn't pick off a rook with  a fork on the first move or have some kind of smothered mate the two rooks will own the queen

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    In fact... It is very difficult to win an endgame with K+Q against K+R... The side with the rooks is the only one with winning chances.

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    I think you're right... but if the queen did fork the rook and king in the first few moves, R and K would lose. I would want a knight if i could tho...

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    I would choose 2 rooks. But with no pieces remaining on the board only K+Q and K+2R I think the position is drawish and the king position is important too

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    2 rooks, 2 cream and 4 sugars, please. Thanks.

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    Two connected rooks.

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    one king

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    one king?


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    2 rooks might be better as a queen is worth 9, whereas a rook is worth 5. So 2 rooks are worth 10.

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    2 rooks

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    The queen = 9 is a common rule but doesn't actually work that well in many cases. In a typical middlegame situation with all else equal, a queen is generally every bit as good as two rooks, though the value of the rooks increases as the endgame approaches. Though in the OP's case with nothing else on the board, that's just a draw.

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    I would chosse 2 rooks

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    2 rooks and  a robin to cheer them on

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    With any pieces... it depends on what will give you the winning position. 2 rooks played right can be very powerful and can fight off the queen, but the queen has a movement advantage and can capture the rooks if they're unprotected with well placed king checks.

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    do you mean with pawns on the board? without pawns on the board it should be a dead draw in most positions. With pawns I would favor the queen as it has better mobility, and while the rooks are great at cleaning out a file, it may be difficult to reposition them to a different rank or file without getting captured. I think there was a lecture where someone claimed that the initial position with q vs 2 rooks and 8 pawns is usually a win for the queen.

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    There are actually quite different systems regarding the relative value of pieces around. Look here:

    Btw I myself use Kaufman's values in my games (but try to heed the positional exceptions too, of course).

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    Like has been mentioned, the choice entirely depends on the position. A closed game will give the queen's diagonal usage more power than the rooks, whereas an open pawn endgame will give the rooks more power. I've had people intentionally trade the queen for two rooks when the position did not call for it because they thought "rooks = 10 to queen = 9". You can't quantify their value that way without taking into account the position on the board.

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    adamplenty wrote:

    2 rooks might be better as a queen is worth 9, whereas a rook is worth 5. So 2 rooks are worth 10.

    Using points to evaluate a position is useless. This point system is, at best, a general rule of thumb for beginners. If you are playing by looking at the points, instead of the board, it probably doesn't matter which side of this you favor.

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    I played black in this one (I lost on time, but had the game). 30 minute game.

    I know.... I made a lot of blunders on this one... but this is a good example of how 2 rooks can over power a queen and win back the game.

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