Underwear Adventure banned?

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    Is he still a he?

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    When will he become a she?  And when will she take a walk on the wild side?

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    johnmusacha wants to see underwear:

    Yesterday he said his account was hacked.  Today he stands banned from Chess Island.

    What gives?

    (And please don't say "he closed his own account" because all his posts are gone, which means he is banned.)

    I finally got around to reading this thread.  It blew up so much it was way high on my list of unread new posts.

    I hear UnderwearAdventure is backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

    The adventure continues!

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    One of the greatest dramas here IMO.

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    Addicted-to-Chess97 was probably using drama as a pejorative:

    One of the greatest dramas here IMO.


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