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Unrated Games

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    Kommish wrote:

    I've been sucked into several unrated games........and I don't like it.  For example, one games was unrated, I lost....but still had points deducted.  Why?

    Also, a ouple of times, I learn it's unrated ONLY after the first move's been made.


    Are you clicking on Play Now? If so, you are accepting a random challenge which may quite likely be unrated.

    If you want more control, try clicking on PLAY -> Online Chess -> Open Seeks; look at the list and choose rated games (i.e. View -> Accept).

    Or, click on PLAY -> Online Chess -> Start New Game. (Rated is the default in Select Game Options.)

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    Kommish wrote:

    Thanx much......if you lose an unrated game, do you lose rating points?


    The list of completed games can contain different types of game: (e.g. turn-based, bullet, blitz, etc.). Each of these has a separate rating so it can sometimes appear that rating has changed between successive games.

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    Thanks Artfizz for your first response. It answered my question perfectly. Just what I needed to know. Thanks. 


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