Upcoming Tournaments I am Directing!


Hello all,

I thought I would let everyone know about some turn-based tournaments I am directing on here. 

First of all, I am hosting a tournament series, which consists of 7 100-player sections of close rating ranges. The 1201-1400, 1401-1600, and 1601-1800 sections are already full and started, but the U1000, 1001-1200, 1801-2000, and 2001+ sections are still open. Click on the above links to join them! The U1000 section is a good opportunity for lower-rated players to play against others of equal strength, and same goes for the 2000+ section for the higher-rated players. There aren't many tournaments like these, so take advantage! Laughing

I also have a O1800 rapid tournament open, it is 2 days/move and over 1800 rated, so this is another opportunity for higher rated players to play each other! Link is here.

If you want to see any of the other tournaments I direct (there are many, many more) you can view my tournament group here. If you join one of my tournaments you can join the group, and be alerted to every tournament I make and be the first to know about upcoming tournament projects, etc. We also play team matches and vote chess, and much more, so I'd like to see you there! Laughing

Thanks for reading guys.



boring lol




thks for info...


No problem, though I'm afraid only the U1000 and 2000+ sections are open now for the New Year Tournament Series, and they begin in 6 hours. Wink