USCF oral history book

USCF sent me a thing saying I needed to verify my information and then they tried to sell me a book for over $150. That’s going to be a hard pass from me. Seems like a scammy thing for USCF to do. The info that I verified was already on my account, just an excuse to sell me an overpriced book.

I had the same email. It seems like a waste of time

The girl on the phone was really nice, but yeah…would not recommend calling the number

Had the same thing happen to me. Lost some respect for USCF. (Also I don't know if I heard the numbers right but I think the price she gave me was over $500)

Yup, it was around $500 for the “package” which was the book plus some other stuff that I stopped listening to. When I said no then she offered just the book which I think was two payments of $80 or something like that. At that point I was only partially listening and committed to say no.



Chess player here.

How do I know that you are not from the USCF trying to gain attention to the book?

We chess players are very sophisticated.

2. This Forum (I don't like, and I hate to say this but it is true) is the living oral history of chess.


You don't need a book to know history.

Nothing completely went extinct, nothing.


The Greek Olympics.

There competitions here and there and everywhere.

The Modern Olympics was founded in the 20th century, but sports never went away. is revitalizing coffee house chess. (People play chess in coffee houses, hence the name).

I still have a Jerger wind-up chess clock. I still use a fountain pen.

Nothing completely disappeared. Nothing.

long_quach wrote:

Nothing completely disappeared. Nothing.

The rules of Chaturanga:

No 2 steps pawn.

No pawn promotion.

Stalemate is a win.

No castling.

Queen moves 1 square diagonally.

Elephant moves 2 squares diagonally.

Still exists in Chinese Chess!

History is that durable!


I can yak-ady-yak all day.

I don't have to tell you that I made my first Chinese chess set with Coke bottle caps in 1979 in Vietnam.

There are people today, still, making chess sets out of bottle caps.

I don't need to tell you what happened yesterday, because it is still happening today.


I was pretty annoyed when I realized they wanted to sell me a book.