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    I was wondering. If the King wasn't the "special" piece, just the casual piece, or if instead of one of your other pieces you would have a piece at your disposal that can move one square in any direction, of how much value it would be? Of course pieces value vary on many factors, but the basic guide line of Q=9, R=5, B&K=3, P=1 is quite commonly used. So how high would you rate King-like piece amongst them?


    Edit: Changed "figure" to "piece", because I realised that while something like "figure" is used in my language to call pieces, it probably is not in English :D. Also thanks waffllemaster for answering.

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    This is a good question to ask, shows you're thinking :)

    The king is somewhere between a minor piece and a rook.  So ~4 points.  Indeed in an endgame the order of importance for activation goes Queen, Rook, King, and then the knight and bishop.

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    It's worth a yak.Wink

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