Wagers for Bitcoins - Chess Tournaments!


Hello, I want to tell this community a little about myself. I recently discovered Bitcoins, a virtual currency that can be traded online for a variety of goods and servces. Now, the beauty of Bitcoins, is that it is un-traceable and totally unregulated. So... as would follow, many gambling sites have popped up across the internet specializing in bitcoin transactions and wagers.

So, when I learned about this, I had an idea for a site (i am a small time web developer). Why not give people a chance to compete in a game of skill to win bitcoins from eachother... so i wrote the scripts based on an already existing chess engine, Webchess. The site is finished now, and all it needs are chess players.(reference: btcchess.com)

OH, big part, pretty important... the chess games are acctually a variation of the typical chess style this community is familure with. I did this to keep people from using bot's to control their moves for them and thereby cheat... so basically what I did is change the knight so it moves 3 and 1 instead of 2 and 1. I think players can adapt to this new style, while computer programs have to be entirely re-written.

So... there you go guys, that's my pitch. I hope i didn't break any rules by advertising this site on these forums. I didn't really see any rules for conduct. If i did, please contact me and I will remove it right away. I'll check back on this thread over the next few days and respond to any questions you might have for me... or complaints :P

Here's the site one more time: btcchess.com


Lol, so now knights are restricted to one colour! That won't be an easy adjustment for chess players, and if a player did make the adjustment, then it would hurt their regular chess skill! That wasn't the best move.


Do you have a better solution to prevent players from cheating? Perhaps another variant?

drknow012 wrote:

Do you have a better solution to prevent players from cheating? Perhaps another variant?

A go server? Computers are lousy at go.

Seriously, I think it would be easier for me to modify an existing simple open source engine for your superknight than to adapt my own play ...


You say you are a developer but naively seem to completely forget that it would be trivial for a well written engine to be modified to change how the knight moves and still play at a high level.

There is a reason why gambling sites with chess never went anywhere.  And as long as it's actually chess (which in your case it isn't) then that won't change.

Put your energy into something with legs, like poker.  I have always felt that if the U.S. government and its states don't do something sensible about the regulatory environment then technology will eventually find a solution.  Bitcoins may not turn out to be the eventual answer but they at least hint at the possibility.


Seriously computers suck at go, but only when you compare them to master players, and if you play on a small go board computers do reasonably well, computers get decreasingly strong as the board size go up (at least those engines which tries to brute force), well some engines do pretty well on the larger boards when they don't use the brute force, in chess brute force is pretty reasonable due to the "few" game trees available, combined with the computer speed.


Why try to do something where you just change one piece very little, thus cribbling humans who have played real chess for long, but not really doing a lot to cribble computers ? Why not go in another direction for instance atomic :D


Sorry, not playing on a site that changes knights like that. How about giving people a method of reporting cheaters instead?


In a bitcoin casino website, there is a provably fair gaming system. Maybe you can also integrate it to your chess website to prevent players from cheating and enjoy the fair gaming system. What do you think?


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Chess for money/wagering will never work online.  Sorry.


Just changing the way the knight moves isn't going to deter cheaters.  It wouldn't be too hard to write or modify a chess engine for that variant.  If someone thinks they can cheat and win, they'll do it, and granting money as a prize just provides even more incentive.


How many different people do we need to say that it would be easy to modify a chess program for this?  Do you people even read the comments before posting the same thing that three people have already said?


Site doesn't work, hope this idea resurrects tho