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wanted: Training group/partner

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    Over the course of the last week or so I have been reading a lot of material on different ways to improve my game.  I mean, a LOT of material, like 8-12 hours a day.  That might sound ridiculous, but quite frankly, I have nothing but time on my hands and have no other desire than to exceed my own expectations in chess.  I see it as more of a measure of my dedication than anything.  It's just that nothing really piques my interest more than being able to play to the best of my ability.  I am, however, hendered by my studying habits, and retention of information in general.  For some reason, I find it much harder to understand something when I'm learning by myself, whether it be mathematics, physics, computer programming, etc.   So far the simplest universal solution to my problems seems to be finding someone to work with (short-term/long-term), whether it be on a daily (or weekly) basis, who has the same goals in mind. 

    I'm really just looking for someone to study with, analyze, explore opening variations, endgame, tactics, strategies, specific books, courses...  just someone to learn with in general.  I want to start from the ground up.

    Unfortunately I live in Brisbane, Australia, and have very limited resources in regards to money/transportation... otherwise I would simply go play chess at a chess club or league, or even talk to a few coaches about my options.

    My skill level is rather low, but I am a very fast learner.  I started really getting into chess about a week ago (having always known the basics), and decided this is something I want to be good at, and I think I have what it takes to succeed at my goal.  I just need some help.

     If anyone is interested, or if anyone knows anyone who might be interested, I'm pretty desperate!  :D


    Many thanks,


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    Hey...I am awfully interested!!! Send me a message...we will speak about it...

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    I also like the idea but i study just 2  hours. iam not sure wat help i can be to you.

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    How's it going.  I'll send you guys messages and see if can figure something out.  I think it should be a maximum of two hours, maybe even less.  If we do get a small group going, I want as many people to be able to paticipate as often as possible.  I understand the average person has a daily life to go about :) so I want to keep it as non-invasive as possible, in regards to peoples schedules.

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    Can you start one such group? Just call it the Tactical Kings or something like that...and yeah...we will play unrated games there with each other...it will help us to develop our game and we can point out each other's mistake's at every move...and when we finish the game...we can post it in our blog's so that other people can provide their insights...What do you say?

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    Hi...I am really interested in being part of the group...Could I form part of this group too? I am specially interesting in the analisis of match i have played in the tournaments...i am new in this..let me know if you are interesting...


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