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Went to my local chess club.

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    wow i thout dat in netherland dey were one of the more activ countries for ches especialy wit that master class btw vivinksy do u get dat thing were u can see beter on 2d comp than on an acutla bord? i gues uv not rely played yet but when u do let me no thx...

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    Ohw yeah, I allready have that. Don't see how an actual chess board can be more convenient than an 2d computer screen.

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    yep i get severe tunel vision in obt chess nd it takes much longer to analyse position if im watchin someone elses game... sometimes i jus cant understand da position

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    I think it feels better on the board as you become sticky, what I mean is that your opponent in real life will say this player must hard to defeat.

    I think it feels better on the board as you remember every thing and the psychology is real than on on-screan chess board

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    I  thought they were obsolete.

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    I also thought also the Nederlands has alot chess cafaterias and outdoor benches especially the bigger cities

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    You guys should put all the keys back in your keyboards

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