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What are your predictions for the World Championship?

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    Crazychessplaya wrote:

    +1. I'd rather see an Anand - Carlsen or Anand - Radjabov match.

    Yes, Carlsen is often mentioned but just compare Gelfand to a player like Radjabov, who is clearly below Carlsen's strength. Since 2008 Gelfand had white in six of his eight games against Radjabov and scored +0 -4 =4. Radjabov is even against Anand after wins in 2003 and 2008, while Gelfand hasn't won against Anand in 19 years. Radjabov also has a career plus against Kasparov while Gelfand's stats look worse at Chessgames.com:

    Player: Boris Gelfand 
    Player profile: Garry Kasparov 

    Classical games: Garry Kasparov beat Boris Gelfand 13 to 0, with 8 draws.
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    If Anand brings his A-game he will walk it , but if he continues his slump and Gelfand continues his fluking then... Anand will still probably win.

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    Well, Anand is one of my fav players currently...especially since he shows respect and humility...traits lacking in most WCC.

    I predict Anand will mop the floor with Gelfand...but be careful, remember there are also non-chess factors which may affect the outcome of any game. Anand lost the first game of the previous WCC due to "jetlag"...insufficient recovery time after his 30 hour car journey forced upon him by the volcano. So anything from sickness to "getting off the wrong side of the bed" can influence a result.

    For those who seem uncertain where they can view the game live...the sites I usually follow are chess.com, chessbomb and the official site.

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    Crazychessplaya wrote:

    A boring, drawn out snorefest won ultimately by Anand.

    Here. What did I tell ya?


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