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What did @cheater_1 do?

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    My previous username was 2Q1C.
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    Is my current profile pic better? I changed it again.
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    kingofshedinjas wrote:
    sammy_boi escribió:

    It used to be kept as a legacy account, and the profile told his story. Staff (Erik?) wrote it and called him chess.com's greatest troll.

    He hard core trolled the forums (nothing like you see these days) and claimed he was "unmatable." Then in a correspondence game he hyped up in the forums (so that many were watching), he used an engine and got banned. He claimed it was an engine he'd made that was below top engine strength and some other stuff... anyway none of it matter at that point and his account stayed closed.

    2Q was decent, but lacked longevity and had a wide array of troll topics that lacked coherence. Cheater_1 assumed a character and played it very well, and you'll notice his account was open a little over a year.

    Most of the other trolls are just silly kids, and then there are "trolls" like macer who is so ineffective I wonder if he even understands what a troll is.

    I found cheater_1's threads (when they were still easily available in his userpage) quite entertaining, but I never felt the same about 2Q1C's. After reading two or three, I realized they were all the same, either mindless spam, like when he talked about what he had eaten for breakfast; or "People here hate me because I am gay".

    Both were exaggerated characters, that is a fact; but somehow I always thought cheater_1 was far more credible, a slightly disturbed person playing the arrogant card. Maybe this is because some of us identify with him, sort of a negative role-model, telling what he thought about everyone without caring about being hated (or even enjoying it). In some ocasions, I have certainly acted that way, and I have also seen people behave like that . It's just that he did it all the time.

    2Q1C, on the other hand, always seemed fake to me. Everything he did gave me the impression that not even himself believed the character he was playing. It was exaggeration for the sake of it, and that gets boring rapidly.

    I used to think no troll in the site would ever sustain the level of attention cheater_1 had, and while 2Q1C defied this belief for some time, I am still convinced. Cheater_1 was tolerated because erik wisely thougth that no publicity is bad publicity. If anyone tried to emulate him today, the mute would arrive punctually, with the ban to follow. Moderators these days cannot stand obvious, wild trolling. 2Q1C did not start with that attitude. He simply disguised as a SJW, testing the limits until the first mutes. Had he stopped there, only to come back from time to time, he would probably still be here. However, after the sanctions were removed, he made it way more obvious and the whole "2Q1C issue" became a big, unfunny joke. And the sockpuppets were the epitome of ridicule in the great farce he tried to play.

    @PHD_in_everything you should learn from this guy's analysis. You're writing would benefit a lot from that.

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